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Are Luxury Dog Beds & Accessories Worth the Extra Money?

To buy or not to buy?

The holidays are coming up and the world could not be more eager to shop and get everyone, including their own dogs some presents. Some people find it odd that dog owners in Europe and all over the world go through the process of picking out the perfect gift for dogs. A lot of you even go the extra mile and really put in the effort of getting your fave four-legged champ something luxurious like a new dog bed or other dog accessories like stainless steel dog bowls.

Here are a few reasons why a luxury dog bed is worth the extra money:

Luxury dog beds look stunning!
Unlike the generic dog beds that you find in your local markets or online, luxury dog beds are designed to fit any luxury home. Gone are the days when you have to throw a nice blanket over a dog bed just so it looks nice in your Christmas photos.

For instance, luxury dog beds by ambient lounge® come in a selection of colours and styles to choose from.

You can check them out in the following dog bed base fabrics: 

On top of that, literally, can be any of these fabulous dog bed top covers that you can easily zip on and off when you need to give it a good wash or you just want a change of look. Get one of these with your dog bed, add one spare, or get them all.

  • ThermoQuilt Coffee
  • ThermoQuilt Silver
  • Faux Fur Cappuccino 
  • Faux Fur Original
  • Faux Fur Wild Animal 
  • New: Organic Cotton 

All of these covers can be mixed and matched. Place it inside or outside your home with pride. The next time you take a photo of your dog, forget about a photo-bombing dog bed.

Ambient lounge Luxury dog beds are also waterproof dog beds
Just by being waterproof alone, you already get your money’s worth. Any dog owner would know that dogs, especially puppies, may tend to do their business in random places. A waterproof dog bed would help in making clean-up easier for fur moms and dads.

Ambient lounge luxury dog beds are also washable dog beds
Since we mentioned cleaning, you’d be happy to know that ambient lounge® luxury dog beds are super easy to clean compared to other dog beds out there.

For the base of the dog bed, since this is waterproof, you can easily wipe, scrub or simply hose it off just like washing a car. As for the top, you can simply zip it off and pop it in the washing machine and line dry. Easy! 

Ambient lounge luxury dog beds are chew-resistant
One of the favourite features of dog owners everywhere is the chew resistance of the ambient lounge® luxury dog beds.

The base is designed to be chew-resistant so dogs from all over the world, and of different breeds can enjoy it for many dog years. These dog beds are soft yet tough enough to put up a challenge with any active dog who thinks it’s a chew toy. 

Ambient Lounge luxury dog beds are also cooling dog beds
That’s right! If it gets too hot out, or your dog spends a lot of time running around, it can become difficult to breathe. This goes especially out to dogs with thicker coats or fur, and for those that aren’t bred to tolerate heat.

You can either get a ThermoQuilt dog bed as a set or simply grab a ThermoQuilt spare cover by ambient lounge®. This dog bed cover stays cool even when placed under the sun. Pair it with an ambient lounge ThermoCool cooling mat for dogs and your dog is one cool lassie!

Final Thoughts
To answer the question “are luxury dog beds worth it?”, yes. You get the luxury style that doesn’t ruin any home interior and you also get all the features of an ambient lounge® dog bed. With a luxury dog bed like this, you can skip buying dozens of dog beds every 3 months and just buy one for an entire dog’s lifetime. Totally worth the money! 

Chat with us live or call us at +4915730733294 to know more about luxury dog beds by ambient lounge or if you need help shopping for yourself. 

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