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Bean bags are normally much easier to care for and clean than traditional Sofas because of the removability of the covers and the fact that the fabrics can normally be hand or machine washed. A Sofa cover is almost always impossible to remove to clean, therefore spot cleaning is required. This is not the case with a bean bag. Some old style bean bags (blobs) that do not have any shapes contain an inner liner. However, whilst easy to remove, this is quite restrictive inside the bean bag and not comfortable for the user simply because the bean bag beads cannot go to every corner of the bean bag. For Sofa shapes and other more modern designs like sofas or chairs, it’s very difficult to have this inner liner design for that very reason. The invention of the patented Funnelweb® Bean Bag system has allowed for this functional problem to be overcome. Invented by Ambient Lounge, the Funnelweb® is a zip system that allows for quick and easy decanting of beads. You can see how the revolutionary Funnelweb® bean bag system workshere. A Bean bag cover should be removed if in materials such as Cotton fabrics, Sofa Chenile, Heavy Polyester fabrics, Canvas Fabrics, Cotton Canvas, Denim Fabrics, Herringbone and can normally be cold machine washed or gently hand washed. You may remove the beans either by decanting or via an inner liner and wash cover separately. If the bean bag is made from Vinyl, Leather or Faux Leather, you should not remove but simply wipe clean with a damp sponge or lightly scrub. Taking care of your bean bag chair not only keeps it looking new, but also extends the life of your chair. Use warm water and a mild detergent on a cloth to remove general dirty areas of the bean bag chair. Liquid dish soap or a surface spray cleaner is an example of a mild detergent. Do not use abrasive cleaners because they may scratch the fabric. Some household cleaners and solvents remove plasticizers, which may cause the vinyl to become brittle. Use a (soft bristle) toothbrush for stubborn marks. Use a clean cloth to wipe the fabric dry. Never immerse the bean bag chair in water. Cleaning Nylon Bean Bags that includes: Indoor / Outdoor bean bag popular brands such as Outdura, Elements or Sunbrella Nylon requires a similar process. For these outdoor fabric use a soft bristle brush and water with a mild detergent to remove general dirty areas of the chair. Apply to the area and brush with a circular motion and wipe clean with a dry cloth. If such mild detergents are not potent enough for stubborn marks, try using specialty cleaners made for cleaning vehicle fabrics. Convertible top cleaner will clean nylon and can be found at automotive care stores. Do not immerse in water. There may also be some beanbags made in fabrics like Microsuede, Microfibre, Faux Suede & Passion Suede. Do not dry clean this fabric unless the care label states that you can do it. You may remove the cover but it’s better and safer to use water and a mild detergent on a cloth to remove general dirty areas of the chair. Liquid dish soap is an example of a mild detergent. A spot fabric cleaner can also be used. Gently scrub area and wipe clean with a dry cloth. Again, do not immerse in water. For bean bags such as the Ambient Lounge® Roma Sofa with an easily removable cover, the covers are machine washable on a very gentle setting in cold water.

Other helpful hints on how to take care of your bean bag furniture:

1. Keep them on a smooth surface such as floorboards and carpet. Do not place bean bags on rough surfaces such as concrete.
2. Keep your dogs and cats away from them (though many of your pets may love the comfort of the beads). Some animals may puncture lesser quality bean bag fabrics. It’s advisable to give your pet its own bean bag bed.
3. Whilst many high quality bean bags have strong stitching, the cheaper ones will not. Therefore do not jump on bean bag chairs as the seams can burst.
4. Try to avoid sitting in the chair while wearing clothing/accessories with sharp metal edges. Again with lesser quality fabrics they can catch, split and burst.
5. Buy bean bags with safety locking zips only. Beads are very dangerous if eaten and safety zips serve to keep them safe for small children or your younger kids. It is law in Australia and USA to sell bean bags only with Safety locking zips.


Sitzsäcke & Sicherheit

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At Ambient Lounge we take safety very seriously. Our bean bags and materials are tested to comply with strict safety codes of UK and International standards.

We're strongly aware that bean bag beads can be dangerous for small children, so take all precautions to make this product safe for children and pets alike.

Please take some time to read about bean bag safety below:

What is a Safety Locking Zip?

A safety zip is a zip that cannot be easily opened by small children. Because small kids have been harmed before, UK have passed a law that this is the standard required to keep little kids from opening and eating the beads.

Ambient Lounge ® bean bags have highest quality YKK safety locking zips as standard, in the interests of guarding against small children accessing the internal polystyrene bead filling. The Funnelweb system allows filling without spilling - and the gusset inside the bean bag should be zipped closed as a secondary precaution, making Ambient Lounge bean bags possibly the World's Safest.

Accessing the Ambient Lounge ® Safety Zip

Please use a safety pin or the provided paper clip to open the zipper slider, by inserting under zip lock and lifting. Once lock catch is off, simply slide zip to open or close. For the safety of children, please ensure the clip is removed once closing the bean bag.





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