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Conversion Lounger - Hot Chocolate

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Gönn dir was – mit dem vielseitigen und komfortablen CONVERSION LOUNGER tust du dir und deinem Zuhause etwas Gutes. Du kannst den Beanbag einerseits als Liege benutzen. Die Sitzsack-Füllung passt sich deinem Körper an und die Rückenlehne sorgt für entspanntes Liegen. Der perfekte Ort zum Filme schauen, Lesen oder Power-Nappen. Andererseits kannst du den "Sitzsack" als Sitz benutzen. Die hohe Sitzlage und die Vorteile der Sitzsack-Füllung lassen dich entspannt sitzen. Besorg dir gleich mehrere unsere Sitzsäcke und Sessel und sitze mit deinen Freunden in gemütlicher Runde. Der hochwertige Stoff fühlt sich dabei angenehm auf der Haut an. Darüber hinaus ist er ein optischer Akzent in deinem Zuhause. Das warme Braun lässt dich zuhause fühlen.


It is a heavy, comfortable and extremely durable fabric. Woven and padded - a breathtaking material. 

87% polyester, 13% acrylic, 610 g / m

  • Two in one: can be used as a recliner or seat
  • 2 x YKK zippers (safety-locking & child-resistant)
  • Two separate fill areas, perfect for  Funnelweb ™ filling system
  • High quality materials and workmanship
  • Our  Funnelweb ™ system makes it possible to fill the beanbag. (The more filling is used, the harder the seat is.)

Look at how the  Funnelweb ™ system works.

To fill the CONVERSION LOUNGER,  we recommend 300lt filler. (Our  PremierBead ™ can be found at our store).

Instructions : The CONVERSION LOUNGER includes two filling compartments, one at the back and one at the bottom of the beanbags. We recommend filling the back of the back rather generously and loosely loosening the bottom part. So the comfort and the look is fantastic. Add to my selection Add to my saved list Recommend this product to a friend!

Step 1:  Open the bottom side and bring to the filling bag. Help the gravity by slightly shaking the cover and filling the bag. Check the density of the filling by pressing and feeling the seat. Remove the filling bag as soon as you can. If not, simply refit the filling bag and refill or refill. So keep the remaining pearls and the pouch in order to refill at a later date if necessary. So to transfer, in order to transport the Beanbag space saving, you should pick it up.

Step 2:  Repeat the procedure for the second filling region. Open the zipper of the cover and attach our filling bag. Thanks to the Funnelweb ™ system, most of the work is done by gravity. You can help again, by shaking the filling bag and the cover. Fill the back slightly enough to keep the chair stable afterwards. Once a good filling level is reached, remove the filling bag and close the inner and outer zipper.


Our high-quality indoor fabrics are designed to last long. Here are some simple  maintenance tips to promote the longevity of the beanbags.

If individual threads loosen, cut them off. Do not pull it! Dust is best with a vacuum cleaner with a suitable attachment. Do not use coarse brushes. To avoid color fading, it is not recommended to expose the chair to direct sunlight. For safety reasons, the piece of furniture should be at least 50cm away from any heat sources. Within the first 3-6 months the beads are in the same way. You must always keep the balls in the filling bag. The armrests and backrests are not designed to sit on them, which is why, even if it is sometimes difficult, you should sit on the seat. So that your beanbag always looks good, you should shake it slightly after use, so that it can return one of its original features. 

Cleaning & Laundry:

Good news: All our indoor fabrics are washable and hand washable in cold and lukewarm water. Dry but please only on the leash! "Pour" the beads before washing my  Funnelweb ™ system back into the filling bag. Small stains are recommended by hand, using a professional cleaning set to treat. The application of a conditioning agent, such as  3M Scotchgard,  is never wrong.

Warranty and repairs: 

As everywhere in life, problems can occur here and there. If, with appropriate application and within a reasonable period of time, the seam triggers or cracks occur, our team will contact in Cologne. Send and e-mail, preferably with photos of the damage, to or call us at 015231085279. 

Enjoy your Ambient Lounge®!


H : 50-60-80cm W : 65cm T : 160cm Weight (s): 2.40kg
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